The SLM series tuning fork level switch / level detector has no moving parts and requires no calibration. The High/Low selection feature is available as a standard feature unlike the instruments from other manufacturers. The level switch is insensitive to material build-up and isn’t affected by the electrical properties of the service material. You can choose an enclosure depending on you process plant conditions.


  • High Durability – No moving parts, no mechanical wear and tear, no maintenance.
  • Fast and Easy Installation – Requires no Calibration
  • Fail-safe High/Low Selection Feature Available as Standard – Reduces inventory, since the same evaluation unit can be field configuredeither for High or Low Level fail-safe detection.
  • Insensitive to Mechanical Vibrations and build up of Materialfrom Vessel Walls Inherent property of our fork.
  • Not affected by Electrical Properties of the Service Material – Mechanical principle used for level detection.
  • Suitable for Dusty and Hazardous Area – Weather-proof and Explosion-proof versions available.
  • Also available in circular enclosures.